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The Best Sites & Apps to Buy Beer Online

Welcome to the future, where you can order beer online! Today there are websites and apps you can use to browse beer selections casually. A few clicks later, you can have fresh and delicious craft beer on the way to you.

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Now you can have any New England IPA you want while sitting in California, or you can order the finest Coloradan beer from the comfort of Louisiana. Online beer shopping is exciting for craft beer lovers that can’t get enough variety.

Liquor stores and craft beer shops are great, right? It’s true, but they can only carry so much inventory. With online beer ordering, there is an immense inventory of beers to order from, and they can ship from almost anywhere.

If your local beer shops just aren’t hacking it anymore and you are on the hunt for new beers, ordering online might be your next move ... craft beer delivery, ftw!

We’ve compiled the best sites and apps to buy beer online with so you can start exploring the world of online beer and find your new favorite lager!

How Does Buying Beer Online Work?

Ordering beer and alcohol delivery are now commonplace in America, giving people access to a wider variety of popular beers and spirits. If you and the owner of your local craft beer shop are best buddies, don’t worry, these sites and apps often help boost those small stores’ visibility.

Some companies, like Craftshack, do not personally sell alcohol. Instead, they connect consumers with the best retailers for their needs and help procure a transaction. These kinds of online beer ordering systems help bring business to mom-and-pop shops that may not have a lot of in-store traffic.

Another way this can work is pretty simple. They just go to the closest liquor store or bottle shop and purchase the beer you requested. Companies that operate like this simply take out the legwork for you. However, they don’t offer unique selections since it's just whatever is available near your drop-off location.

Specialty Brewery Delivery

Many of these alcohol delivery businesses work directly with breweries to offer beer straight from the source. Getting beer from a brewery is a dream for couch potatoes. It allows you access to rare brew batches and limited-edition releases that you can typically only get if you visit the brewery.

When you get beer straight for the brewer, you often get access to unique beers and staff picks, so you know you are sipping the premium stuff. During COVID, many brewers began delivering beer locally. You can order straight from a brewery in some places, but that doesn’t have the flexibility that the sites and apps do!

Some states have laws in place that do not allow alcohol delivery. These states are:

If you live in one of these states, you will still have to run to your local liquor store to grab your favorite Hazy IPA or a Budweiser. So that you know you can get some tasty brewskis right off your phone or computer, let's talk about where you should begin your craft beer online ordering.

Our Top Picks for Online Craft Beer Ordering

Take a look at our top 10 picks for online craft beer ordering. You’re sure to find one you love.

The Best Damn Beer Shop

The Best Damn Beer Shop is a brick-and-mortar retail store in San Diego that offers a vast selection of craft beers, especially West Coast brews. Since this is an actual store, people that live nearby can order their beers online and then stop in to grab them.

There is a six-bottle order minimum, but this seems reasonable to expect someone to get a 6-pack at minimum. We won't stop you if you want a case of beer though. Anyway, for those of you in these states, you have access to over 300 different craft beers right at your fingertips.

To help navigate their huge selection, their website has many options to filter by beer size, type of beer, and brand. The Best Damn Beer Shop is one of the best dang online alcohol ordering services out there!

Where Is It Available?

They only ship beer to the following states:


Saucey promises to deliver your alcohol in just 30 minutes, making it a popular option for busy people that want a beer at the end of their hectic day. Saucey also kind of makes us think they feature a lot of Stella Artois.

Anyway, they have a decent selection of beer available on their website. However, most of it is beer typically available at your local liquor store. They charge a $4.99 delivery fee, but the promise to have your alcohol in hand in less than half an hour is worth the fee.

They don’t deliver everywhere, but their website ensures customers they are constantly expanding and aim to be available nationally. They have no minimum order requirements, so it's great for small orders.

Where Is It Available?

Their delivery is currently available in these major cities:


Craftshack works with small mom-and-pop shops to fulfill orders for truly unique and tasty brews. Their employees work directly with these shops to connect fancy beers to brew connoisseurs and drive business to the smaller craft beer shops.

You can save on delivery fees by ordering in larger quantities, so this isn’t the best option if you are just dipping your toe into craft beers for the first time. Craftshack has been in business for almost a decade, making them experts on delivering alcohol and catering to customers.

They have an excellent customer service team ready to make your experience as perfect as possible. Probably the toughest pill to swallow with Craftshack is their delivery fees, which range from $15-$30 depending on the delivery location and size of the shipment.

Buy beer from Craftshack

Where Is It Available?

Craftshack delivers to all states except for:

Beer of the Month Club

The Beer of the Month Club is a monthly subscription service for beer. This service is fantastic because you are consistently getting new craft beers to try, but it is not as customizable as other online beer ordering sites and apps.

When you sign up, you choose a particular club to be in, such as:

Depending on how much you would like to pay, you can opt for 2, 4, or 6 beers each month. If the limitations of the monthly subscriptions are a deal-breaker for you, you can order different beers individually through their website.

While you (probably?) won't find any pilsners in the Rare Beer Club, you should be able to capitalize on some quality Imperial IPAs if you join the Hop-Heads Beer Club.

Where Is It Available?

Beer of the Month Club is available in all US states except the following:


Tavour is a pretty cool app to order beer with. It works in a subscription format, so customers fill up their box with desired beers which then enter the beer delivery phase, arriving all at once. This is great as a gift box for the beer lover in your life. It is a little odd but is excellent for people who want to experiment with different beers to find their groove.

Tavour is the future of beer ordering with its trendy app and $14 delivery fee. It is fantastic for people looking to try many different beers and find rare and unique craft brews you can’t get at any liquor store.

Where Is It Available?

The Tavour app will ship beer to the following states:


Oznr doesn’t have its own product but is the middle man between craft breweries and customers. So they are more like GrubHub, where they just act as the delivery service. With that said, Oznr is propping up small and local breweries and getting their pale ales and other product to consumers all across the country.

Oznr helps grow small businesses and helps consumers get their hands on limited-time releases and particular batch brews that they otherwise would have to wait in a long line for or even drive across state lines.

The company focuses on making the experience fun and enjoyable, offering brewery bottle societies, membership clubs, and alerts to let you know what rare beers or deals are available.

Where Is It Available?

Oznr is available in all states where alcohol delivery is legal.


Drizly promises they can get you alcohol fast (hurray Tequila!). They only deliver from liquor stores in your area, so they don’t offer super unique beers or brewery connections - Drizly is more of a, "Hey, I need a 12 pack of light beers for the party" kind of app. Yet, where they lack in the selection, they make up for promptness.

If you order alcohol from Drizly, it should arrive between 20 minutes to an hour after placing the order. For people that want the alcohol delivered, this is a great option. This includes those looking for a variety pack of hard seltzer, gluten-free beers, and non-alcoholic beers. They will even deliver mixers. But, for people that want craft beers you can’t find just anywhere, Drizly is lacking.

Where Is It Available?

Drizly is currently available in the following cities:

Beer Connect

With the Beer Connect, you order beers individually, and they come straight from the brewery. This convenience means you can get your hands on unique brews and rare beers to enhance your beer ordering experience.

Beer Connect can be tricky when it comes to delivering because they are precise on what areas they ship to. You have to put your state on the site to find out what breweries are available and if they will even ship to you.

Where Is It Available?

The Beer Connect is available in any state that allows breweries to ship directly to customers.

Halftime Beverage

Halftime Beverage has a lot to offer beer lovers as far as selection and convenience. They stock some of the best beers and ciders all in one place for you to browse and choose from. Halftime gives you the flexibility to order a single bottle or have the entire case shipped to you completely customized.

Feel free to mix and match your bottles so you can try a range of new beers and ciders you can’t get locally. If you want to relinquish control and let Halftime choose for you, they have Beer & Cider of the Month Clubs that will send you curated gift boxes to enjoy and experiment with.

Halftime is one of the best online ordering options for those that love their local craft beer shop but are looking for more variety.

Where Is It Available?

The company delivers to the following states:


Minibar has a vast selection of alcohol on its website. Although they have a lot of beers to choose from, most of them are easily found in liquor stores in your area. So if you are looking for a unique craft beer selection with brews you can’t find everywhere, this is not the site for you.

That is not to say Minibar only has cheap beers such as Bud Light and Michelob. They have a lot of fine beers that someone new to the craft beer world could explore and enjoy. They also have snacks you can order to feed your drunk friends!

Where Is It Available?

Minibar Delivery is available in major cities in the following states:


Now, you can get craft beer brought straight to your door. The convenience of these delivery services is excellent for customers and small breweries. If you’ve been feeling like your local liquor store is lacking in the fun brews and rare beers, maybe it is time to move online and broaden your beer horizons.

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