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The Best Breweries, Brewpubs & Taprooms in Oklahoma City

From Automobile Alley to the Plaza District, OKC is sure to keep your craft beer whistle wet. Or, just beers before a Thunder game, right?

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Below is just a handful of the taprooms around town that you might want to patronize. OKC is a cool place to start a brewery.

Angry Scotsman Brewing

704 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

The person in charge of the Angry Scotsman's branding is doing a standup job. Besides the can artwork, the reason to check out Angry Scotsman Brewing is for the opened up landscape of Downtown OKC and the outdoor patio. Open every day but Monday, Angry Scotsman serves a range of core beers, seasional brews, and limited/special releases. Their Coffin Dodger has always caught our eye. Plus, they are hosting a Holiday Photo Competition where you take a (creative) photo with one of ASB's beers as the focal point and tag #ASBPhotoContest into Instagram or Facebook.

Also, if you want to hop to another brewery, Stonecloud is a 10 minute walk down Shartel toward NW 1st.

Anthem Brewing Company

908 SW 4th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73109

Anthem Brewing Company has been serving Oklahomans for just about a decade. Anthem Brewing maintains a belgian brewing focus and layers in batches of India Pale Ales and other beer styles. We dig the Super Fancy, an Apple Saison. Apple Saisons are like pineapples on a pizza, you either love it or hate it, and we're in favor.

Coop Ale Works

4745 Council HeightS Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73179

Coop Ale Works has a core beer in nearly every beer style, from the hoppy F5 IPA, to the lawnmower-worthy Horny Toad blonde ale, to the DNR, a 10% Belgian-style dark ale that cleverly has a Coop Ale Works branded toe tag hanging off the foot of a (presumably) dead body.

Coop Ale Works offers tours and brewery-only pours at the new facility. They distribute 16oz cans around Oklahoma. And, they are just a 10 minute drive from the Airport, so you can make it your first stop after landing.

Elk Valley Brewing Company

1210 North Hudson Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Elk Valley Brewing raises the bar on Anthem Brewing and flavored saisons with their Cucumber Saison. Actually EVBC raises the bar on the abv as well. Elk Valley is brewing some Imperial Stouts with an alcohol profile that rivals that of nearly any other brewery in the United States.

These are apart from the core Tenkiller Pilsner and Magic Juice. These are the real deal. They include the gotta-try-it-sometime French Toast Dreaming Stout (12.6%), to their holy smokes, is that really real, Peanut Brittle Stout, a 15.2% explosion of bold, boozy power.

Best to consume at home and under supervision.

Prairie Artisan Ales

3 NE 8th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

The Millenial Mansion was a trip. It was as if a box of Trix exploded in your mouth, only with a side of Lucky Charms marshmallow rainbows.

Plus, their Twitter game is on point.

Roughtail Brewing Company

320 West Memorial Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Roughtail Brewing should be known for their sabro-hopped pale ale, Frickin Hazer Beams, an awesome beer name if we do say so. Roughtail features a comfortable taproom that is the perfect jump-off for a OKC brewery tour.

Stonecloud Brewing Company

1012 Northwest 1st Street #101, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

The brewery itself is located in OKC's Sunshine Laundry Building and open 7 days a week. Furthermore, Stonecloud Brewing knows how to name a beer. There is the Irish Goodbye, a 13% abv Imperial Stout that should never be sold in keg form (yes, Stonecloud Brewing sells kegs). Then there is year-round core beer, Chug Norris. And, of course, Brews Lee. These are strong reasons why you should consider Film Row's Stonecloud Brewing Company for your next beer adventure.

Twisted Spike Brewing Company

1 Northwest 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Queso dip and an IPA should be the first thing on your mind when you enter Twisted Spike Brewing.

Closed OKC breweries that are missed

Mustang Brewing Company

520 North Meridian Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Since closed. Went to Mustang Brewing Company years back.