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The Best Breweries, Brewpubs & Taprooms in Pittsburgh

Here are some Pittsburgh breweries you should visit, a few breweries that give private tours, and, a few local tour companies just waiting to shuffle you to the next stop in the Steel City.

Pittsburgh is a phenomenal city to start a brewery in. Also a really great city to tour around. So much delicious beer being brewed in the Steel City. It's probably third place on our list, after brewery hopping in Tahoe and taking brew tours in Boston.

Couch Brewery

Couch Brewery is exactly as you'd assume, a casual place to grab a relaxed craft beer. That doesn't mean they relax on quality though. Couch brews smooth and crushable beers across both the style range and the ABV range, including ambers, brown ales, IPAs, and stouts. Bingo & Trivia nights, as well as Art Shows round out some of the entertainment you can find at the brewery.

According to the brewery, "There's room on our couch for everyone." That's a really awesome motto. We'll raise a stein to that!

You can find Couch Brewery just down Rt. 8 from the Allegheny, on the North side of Larimer.

Full Pint Brewing Company

Named full Pint Brewing because Half Pint would have gotten quite awkward. Jokes aside, the place is known for some really solid brews, including their All In Amber, Gus IPA, and of course, White Lightning, a 6% ABV Belgian White that earned some accolades at the GABF in years past. The Full Pint Brewery is located in North Versailles.

Hitchhiker Brewing Company | Mt. Lebanon & Sharpsburg Taprooms

Beers to go and Food trucks are just a few things to like about Hitchhiker. Founded in 2014, Hitchhiker Brewing started out in Mount Lebanon. Lo and behold, brew enough good beers and you will find yourself opening a second taproom, which Hitchhiker did in Sharpsburg. Hitchhiker has plenty of fun beer names, like The Barbarian, Cosmic Void, and Ripple Biscuit, an IPA with coconut, pineapple, and cold brewed coffee.

Plus, their tagline is hysterical, "Pick up a Hitchhiker™".