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Pollock Rip Review

Presumably named after the Pollock Rip Channel that is adjacent to the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. Just South of the Chatham Lighthouse.

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Devils Purse Brewing Company Pollock Rip
Devils Purse Brewing Company Pollock Rip

Tasty. We'd drink it again.

You can smell the tropics outside of the can. It's enough that sometimes we feel like we are eating the liquid version of dried pineapples. A bit more coniferous, yet balanced, all the same.

Technically, the beer is brewed in Rhode Island at the Isle Brewer's Guilde in Pawtucket. If you're attending the Cape Cod Brew Fest, you're in luck because Devil's Purse also attends.

While we are on the subject of the Devil's Purse, do you think Jack Butler would like this beer? At 7.5%, Pollock Rip cuts some heads.

We enjoy the second half of the 16oz can more than the first. Perhaps the Pollock Rip grew on us. That's not to say it had a slow start. It just needed some ... appreciation. To be honest, that's how we feel about Cape Cod anyway.

Hey, Devil's Purse, if you're reading, then keep doing what you're doing.

ABV 7.5
Hops Apollo,Chinook,Warrior