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Jigsaw Jazz Review

Bottles and Cans and Just Clap Your Hands and Just Clap your Hands!

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Fort Hill Brewery Jigsaw Jazz
Fort Hill Brewery Jigsaw Jazz

Jigsaw Jazz is where it's at. It is the biggest steal since Dave Roberts in the 2004 ALCS. A six pack of Fort Hill's Jigsaw Jazz is $8.99 at Total Wine. That price is phenomenal.

Easy drinking for an imperial abv. Low on the carbonation, high on the flavor. A bit golden in color, with some pineapple, pine, and papaya mixed in. Maybe a hint of grapefruit.

You could wait in line at Tree House or suffer the jam-packedness of a Trillium Taproom for a "good" IPA. Or, you could just grab a whole six pack for the low, low price of just 1 beer from either of those popular breweries. This is what makes the craft beer game awesome. In many ways, it mirrors art, as there is so much good music to be found from basement bands you've never heard of.

Drinking Jigsaw Jazz on the Fort Hill patio is the get fresh flow. So next time you're cruising up I-91, stop on in to this Wester Mass brewery.

Puzzle Jazz! Is that anything like Puzzle Dust?

ABV 9.3
IBU 65
Hops Citra