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Pearly Review

Simply put, one of our favorite craft beers.

Springdale Beer Company Pearly
Springdale Beer Company Pearly

Perhaps it's easy to say that about a tasty witbier. That doesn't mean Springdale is putting out bad product. It's refreshing to see a white ale serve as the core year-round drinker of the Framingham, MA brewery, especially in an industry dominated by the almighty IPA. Then again, Springdale and Jack's Abby aren't as focused on IPAs as a craft brewer such as Tree House.

Springdale can experiment though, as evidenced by their ephemeral IPA series - the same series that produced A Beer Called Quest. They can also do an excellent traditional hefeweizen (Das Weizen).

Good for nearly any meal. Good for nearly any occasion. Dialing up a Pearly Wit could almost be good for you, if, you know, it wasn't an alcoholic beverage. Quite possibly the tastiest shower beer you will ever drink.

ABV 4.8