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Thirsty Thursday | Vol. 5 - June 23rd, 2022

Pilsner Beer Glasses, Dropped Babies, and Providence Breweries

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Welcome to the first edition of Thirsty Thursday, our weekly update on all things craft beer and beverage. As always, our goal is to help you find your next craft beverage.

› Editor's Note: We apologize for missing last week. We thought we'd give your inbox a rest with the Holiday coming up.

Featured Article: Pilsner Glasses

Do you really need to use one? What are the benefits? Can you only drink pilsners from them?

We cover it all with our guide to Pilsner Beer Glasses.

A summer treat that is brewed by Sam Adams, Porch Rocker is a great beer for your rocking chair. It's also great for pairing with lobsters. It's just an all-around fun beer that was inspired by German cyclists - or at least, the style was.

Just an all-around great place to grab a beer. Purgatory Beer Company is based in Whistinsville, Massachusetts, which is a short drive to Worcester. The river out back gives a great ambiance to the patio.

Beers we recommend:

  • 2-Car Garage
  • Fiero Coconut Rum Porter
  • Mumford River RyePA

Providence, a city well-known for good food has developed nicely in the beer department of late. Besides the eponymously named, Providence Brewing Company, visitors should set their sights on getting to Moniker and Long Live Beerworks. If you want the brewpub experience, then perhaps Union Station.

Check out our Providence Brewery Guide.

Sports News outlet, BaconSportsBeer shared an article about a Dad dropping his kid to snag a homerun while holding onto his beer. That's just all types of silliness. The funny part is that this happens way more than one would think.

Read the article: Dad Drops Baby While Holding His Beer​

Wrapping Up

Thanks for tuning in. Reach out if you have any questions, concerns or otherwise, we'd love to hear from you. And, if you think there are ways that we can improve, let us know.

Enjoy this Thirsty Thursday safely!