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Brewery: Timberyard Brewing Company


A beer that lets you slip into the Oktoberfest spirit with ease.

Type of Beer: Marzen

ABV: 5.4%

Oktoberfest, a Marzen brewed by Timberyard Brewing Company

We enjoy Timberyard Brewing. They have a cool brewery and their beers are tasty. Same goes for their Oktoberfest.

Description (on can)

Made in the tradition of the old Bavarian Masters.

With choice ingredients, leisurely aged.

Traditionally served at the Munich Oktoberfest celebration, this is our taske on a classic Marzen Lager. Brewed with Germand malt and hops, this traditional lager has a medium body with a rich amber color, notes of biscuit and toasted bread, and a clean, crisp finish.

Enjoy it in good health and with good friends! Prost!


Artwork by Marcus Ohanesian |