Timberyard Brewing Company

Brewpub in East Brookfield, MA

If you're ready to Do-si-do, you're ready for Timberyard.

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Timberyard Brewing Company in East Brookfield, MA

Stopped at Timberyard Brewing Company on a suburban Worcester brewery tour that included Tree House and Rapscallion. Had a few beverages and was ready to Do-si-do to the non-existent bluegrass band that night.

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Live bands play on this stage
The acoustic duo, setting up


Being limited to 4 selections really forces your hand into getting a tasting flight. Then again, $8 seemed completely reasonable having left Tree House to come to Timberyard. They kept it simple that night with a pale ale, IPA, saison, and stout.

  • House Ale
  • Liquid Art
  • Practice What You Peach
  • Secret Stout
The production barrel barn at Timberyard
Plenty of room to operate a forklift