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Insane Mane Review

White Lion introduced the Insane Mane just over five years ago at a Springfield event.

White Lion Brewing Company Insane Mane
White Lion Brewing Company Insane Mane

The can artwork is solid, especially the Downtown Springfield night skyline.

Insane Mane is just a fantastic beer name. It really keeps with the lion theme.

It's also a pretty good beer. It pairs well with burgers and post adult social league sports on Wednesday nights, whether that is a hoops league at your local Y, or something sweet like dodgeball.

White Lion has this to say about the Insane Mane, it is ... "An award winning and flavorful Amber Ale brewed with a variety of malts to create a rich maltiness balanced with Cascade and Mosaic hops."

They should probably serve this at Amherst's Hangar Pub & Grill in case they ever run out of $3 Killian's Irish Red. Insane Mane was tasty and rich without being heavy.

ABV 6.5
Hops Cascade,Mosaic