Microbrewery in Biddeford, ME

Banded Brewing Company

13-W, 32 Main Street, Biddeford, ME 04005
(207) 602-1561
Banded Brewing Company in Biddeford, ME (Samoan Drop)
Does a good job of tasting like the Girl Scout cookie

They brew their craft beer take on Caramel deLites® (Samoas®) and it is drinkable.


  • Mon: CLOSED
  • Tue: CLOSED
  • Wed: 4p-9p Full Service
  • Thu: 4p-9p Full Service
  • Fri: 12p-4p To-Go Only
  • Fri: 4p-9p Full Service
  • Sat: 12p-9p Full Service
  • Sun: 12p-6p Full Service

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