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Dolphins on Parade Review

A 32oz crowler of Dolphins on Parade. Highly drinkable, which is good, because it's twice the beer.

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Barrel House Z Dolphins on Parade
Barrel House Z Dolphins on Parade

These breweries are getting better and beer at naming their beers. We don't know what it is, but Dolphins on Parade has a tingly, ocean spray mouthfeel that kind of sprakles like waves on the ocean. Maybe we are just reading into things too much.

We grabbed Dolphins at Barrel Z's Back Annex. The Barrel House Z folks were friendly and didn't have to try too hard for the crowler upsell. Then again, does anyone need to be sold on picking up a crowler in addition to the 16oz 4-packs they showed up to buy?

Overall, it was a good day's haul when we include the beers we grabbed from Barrel House Z and Vitamin Sea Brewing next door. That includes:

A 32oz crowler of Dolphins on Parade poured into a pint glass
A good looking beer

Dolphins on Parade is a good beer. But, if we had to choose animals to be on parade, it would be bulls.

ABV 5.4
Hops Barbe Rouge,Cashmere