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Dippah Review

Punchy and a bit bitter, but also full of taste. Is this how wolves flirt?

Lone Wolfe Brewing Company Dippah
Lone Wolfe Brewing Company Dippah

Wolfeboro's Lone Wolfe Brewing makes some really good craft beers, including Dipp'ah, their Double IPA. Leave it to some New Hampshire folks to name their beer with a Boston accent.

We first enjoyed this 16oz canned treat a few years back on a trip over to some Lakes Region breweries. Excellent for grilling and meat consumption, this 9.2% brew will have you forgetting all about the frayed and aged wicker in that outdoor "couch" you are relaxing on when you're not prepping the cole slaw or flipping the beer brats.

Bitter. Definitely bitter. But not terribly so, especially when matched up against some of the tropical flavors that gently mixed in.

Drinking a Lone Wolfe Dipp'ah while grilling at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire
Lake adjacent grilling with a Dipp'ah and a cold Tuckerman Brewing Summer Ale.

If you want the high booze content in a different beer style, try Lone Wolfe's Amaranthine, a smooth drinking Tripel with a good blend of banana and spice.

A good double IPA. We prefer 14th Star's Tribute or the 2-Car Garage from Purgatory Beer Company over the Dipp'ah, but that's just preference. If you're partying in America's Oldest Summer Resort and you want to throttle up the ABV, turn your attention to Lone Wolfe and Dipp'ah.

Wolfeboro was incorporated in 1770, so the oldest summer resort predates America's Oldest Brewery, D.G. Yuengling & Son by a good 50+ years.

ABV 9.2
IBU 117
Hops Citra