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Stone Cow Brewery

Carter & Stevens Farm is 1,000 acres large. Or, as we like to say, 696,960,000 beers side-by-side. When you round up to a billion, you're doing something right.

Stone Cow Brewery is located at the Carter & Stevens Farm. The farm itself is a fifth generation dairy farm. Sustainability, both of the farm and the planet, is part of their mission. To back it up, they urge you to bring used plastic can carriers for reuse and repurposing. What better excuse is there to stop in? You already know you're out of beer ...

Speaking of excuses, the brewery (and farm) are kid friendly. So, bring the kids to see the animals and stay for the cold beers. Plus, they sell ice cream.

And, you can bring your dog to the farm/brewery. Stone Cow has rules, but they are fairly common sense. Puppers and Beer, such an American combo!

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  • Friday - 4 to 8pm
  • Saturday - 12pm to 8pm
  • Sunday - 12pm to 7pm


Stone Cow Brewery is so-named after the stone cow sculpture. They run a 14bbl system using local ingredients, a fair share from their own farm. That includes Northfield's Four Star Farms who provides Stone Cow with cascade hops.

Many of their beers sell out daily. So, best to check with them if you want a specific style. Farmweiser and Farmweiser Lime are fantastic beer names.

Beers available to go in cans.

  • Bono Loco
  • Borderlands
  • Cherry-Bomb Saison
  • Cows Out
  • Farmer Phil's Pils
  • Farmgirl Blueberry Sour
  • Farmhouse Saison
  • Farmweiser American
  • Farmweiser Lime
  • Fields & Forest
  • Granite Kiss
  • Gypsy IPA
  • Heiferweizen
  • Light My WAy
  • Lordvale
  • Roll in the Hay
  • Tangerine Dream
  • WillPower


Stone Cow serves both a year-round menu out of the Barn Kitchen, and a Summer BBQ. The year-round menu is focused on pizza, soups, sandwiches, and salads.

The BBQ menu has double patty burgers, pulled pork, hot dogs, cole slaw, and baked beans. Ribs & Cornbread on Saturdays.

The Carter & Stevens Farmstand sells raw milk and grass fed beef to go. To be real, that's the dream. Grab a slab of beer and a 4 pack of craft beer to go home and work your own grill.

Some thoughts from our visit - The food at Stone Cow is excellent. They had good pizza, nachos, charcuterie boards, wings, and more. In fact, the brewery had some of the best smoked chicken wings we've ever had. Anywhere.

One awesome aspect of Stone Cow is the fresh ice cream. If you're visiting the brewery, make sure you bring your Yeti cooler with some frozen ice packs to take not only a 4-pack of cold beer home, but also your favorite pint of tomorrow's desert.

Brewery Events and Entertainment

Where Stone Cow really shines, beyond the excellent wings, is the ample amount of space and structures for your kids to play on. Because nothing says parenting like having a cold beer while you keep an eye on your kids from a picnic table on the farm's pavilion.

Your kids will also enjoy the sight of live animals roaming about, as well as some kept in pens in the outer rim of the parking lot.