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Does Capri Sun Make a Hard Seltzer?

No, Capri Sun, the German-owned children’s beverage company that named their drink after the Italian island of Capri, does not make an alcoholic hard seltzer. That didn’t stop others from trying though.

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Pouches of Capri Sun drinks
Could you imagine if these Capri Sun drinks had alcohol? | Photo Credit to Capri Sun

Just because the purveyors of the original juicepouch didn’t make a boozy version like Mountain Dew doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have expected a grassroots DIY approach from breweries who make hard seltzers and the general public to do their worst.

And by worst, we mean absolute best, because this enhanced ALDI drink involving gluten-free frozen fruit bags and ALDI's Pacific Fruit Vineyards wines, according to Shape, is the Belle of next Summer’s Ball.

The Adult Capri Sun

It’s like bourgeois toilet hooch for suburban households. It’s got all the passion fruit flavor mixed with the contents of a soccer mom’s flask from driving the kids to the weekend’s doubleheader. Party on, Wayne!

It’s one thing to dash some Peppermint McGillicuddy's in the ol’ Dunks or Starbucks travel cup. It’s another thing when you’re living the No Laws When You’re Drinking White Claws dream by drenching Fruit-flavored Vino all over the sub-zero papayas. Make that water sparkle like Edward in the sunlight!

ALDI Facebook Group Capri Sun Seltzers

Good on the ADLI nerd who came up this Monday Morning Margarita. It definitely takes a spot in our Top 10 DIY Alcoholic Beverage list of 2023. Consider us ALDI fans moving forward. Had we known the store sold produce as a ready-to-mix cocktail, we’d have begun shopping there years ago.

We need to meet The ALDI nerd who started this. Their name should go down in the annals of carbonation, the history books of boozy alcoholic drinks.

Thanks for inventing this. That’s for showing us an alternative to spiked seltzers. Yes, they were the alternative to beer, but who needs beer or spiked seltzers when you have mega-sized Adult Capri Sun?

Think about the genius of this all. It’s like super-sizing your beverage at a bar like it’s a fast food joint. And, it’s resealable. We could host an entire party dedicated to the Adult Capri Sun. The clean up would be a cinch.

Potential Flavors of Aldi’s Alcoholic Fruit Juice Drink

  • Black Cherry
  • Pina Colada (with the coconut)
  • Strawberry Kiwi

Adult Capri Sun FAQs

What is the Alcohol Content of a Capri Sun Hard Seltzer?

First, it’s not quite a hard seltzer. Not even really a sparkling water. More of a spiked watermelon with natural ingredients in Astronaut packaging. Low on carbs though.

Anyway, the ABV all depends on the booze that you add to the packaged fruit. If you’re adding the Pacific Fruit Vineyards wine, then the ABV of the drink will be between 8-13%. If you’re pouring the last quarter of your handle of Tito’s, then it’s going to be drastically different.

What is Wild Heaven Capri Sun Seltzers?

Wild Heaven Beer, a brewing company based out of Avondale Estates in Georgia, makes “Capri Sun” seltzers. Not wanting the ALDI folks to have all the fun, the greater Atlanta brewery threw their hat in the ring and got to crafting these intangibly delicious hard seltzers that are not only organic, but also gluten-free.

At 5% ABV and 16 fl oz, the Wild Heaven seltzer is a handheld best friend at the side of your Summer lawn chair. Some would say that it’s as good as your favorite IPA. Rumor has it that the Capri Sunset has some notes of pomegranate, but we don’t see it. Black cherry & the tropics all the way. We like our beach drinks beachy.

We like our lagers lagery, but that’s another story.

How do I make my own Adult Capri Sun pouches?

If you’re a parent, you probably have a bunch of DIY applesauce pouches laying around in the cupboard. Or, you know, if you’re an aficionado of the original Capri Sun and don’t want to give up on childhood. We aren’t judging.

Anyway, check out this video from Splash Bar Xpress. Where every hour is happy hour!

Splash Bar Xpress is busy making adult pouch margaritas with Tequila and Margarita Mix. Their other video involves Hennessy. Because let’s end the night before it starts.

PS - Watermelon takes it up a notch!

Double PS - Splash Bar Xpress pouches like IV bags. That’s how professionals do it.

Wrapping Up

We didn’t know it during our K-12 days, but our college selves definitely wanted to pop a straw into a pouch and sip on the sweet, sweet ambrosia of fruity liquor. It’s our favorite Caprisun memory that we never actually had.

Hey, before we go, this reminds us a lot of Slim Shooters, just without the fresh fruit.