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How Many Calories are in Beer?

A list of popular beer brands and styles along with a chart of how many calories are in each.

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Calories add up when drinking beer and eating snacks
What gets you more when counting calories, the beer or the snacks?

A standard drink is considered to be a 12oz pour in the United States. The chart below shows some common examples of beers and the amount of calories in each. It should come as no surprise (hopefully) that the more alcohol in beer, the more calories it will have.

One thing to keep in mind is the type of glass that you are drinking from and how full that is when counting calories. For example, an Imperial Pint contains more liquid than the standard pint, and thus, a higher caloric value. The type of beer will also give you a clue to how many calories it may have, as different beer styles tend to result in different caloric loads, on average.

If you're here because you like beer but want the least amount of calories in your serving, check out our list of the best low-calorie beers. We also have you covered if you want to know what the best light beers are.

Beer Name Calories (per 12oz)
Budweiser Select 55 55
Miller 64 64
Corona Premier 90
Budweiser Select 100
Busch Light 100
Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty Lo-Cal IPA 100
Michelob Ultra or Miller Lite 100
Coors Light 100
Corona Light 100
Bud Light 110
Busch 110
Night Shift Nite Lite 120
Michelob Light 120
Guinness Draught Stout 130
Bud Light Platinum 140
Heineken 140
Miller Genuine Draft 140
Miller High Life 140
Pabst Blue Ribbon Original 140
Budweiser 150
Allagash White 150
Coors Banquet 150
Corona Extra 150
Sam Adams Cold Snap 154
Michelob 160
Hard Mountain Dew 170
Blue Moon Belgian White 170
Shock Top Belgian White 170
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 180
Samuel Adams Boston Lager 180
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA 190
Victory Golden Monkey 260