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Escondido Brewing Company

An awesome, small brewery in Escondido, California that produces some super tasty craft beers and has ambiance for days. Because there's nothing like tossing bags and sipping on a delicious IPA outdoors.

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Escondido Brewing Company is a historically small brewery (> 300 sqft), but that doesn't mean they don't go big on flavor. Esco brews small batch beers that afford the microbrewery (emphasis on micro) a chance to brew a variety of craft beer styles.

Their outdoor patio is a great place for relaxing over a cold pint. It's also (leashed) dog and kid friendly, so don't skip out on visiting just because you made a few adult decisions. Besides the patio picnic tables, seating is available at the bar. Or if you prefer, you can take your brew over to the lawn games and wager off a few rounds if you're feeling confident.

Oh, did we mention that EBC is attached to a Pet Food & Supply shop? Yes, the 1.5 bbl brewhouse was built out by the owners themselves right in a friend's brick & mortar supply store. And, while we can't be sure, we thought we saw some homebrewing books laying around the taproom for patrons to read.

Brewery Hours

  • Friday 4-8pm
  • Saturday 2-8pm
  • Closed Sun - Thurs


EBC brews up a standard release of beers as well as some seasonal brews, including Black IPAs and Barrel Aged Stouts.

  • 1888 Stout - 7% abv
  • Cruisin' Cream - 5% abv
  • Hidden City Pale - 5.2% abv
  • Hopcondido IPA - 7.5% abv
  • Rock Springs Red - 6.2% abv
  • Silver Spoon IPA - 7% abv

Brewery Food

Esco Brew Co hosts a ton of local food trucks. The Food Dood, Windy City Eats & Best Wurst come to mind.

Brewery Events

Vinyl Night with Weekend Records.

Brewery merch

Their t-shirts are solid and a good gift for your favorite beer lover. Plus, they have some sweet koozies for sale.