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Hydra Beer Company

Fist up! If you believe in beer!

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Friendly staff, which is a plus anywhere. Hydra has 24 taps, some of which are for meads, ciders, and cold brew coffee, plus, some gourmet sodas. Plus, the taproom is available for private rentals.

As for the story of Hydra Beer Company, it's fairly standard, with two buddies coming together over a mutual admiration for homebrewing and metal. Ok, maybe the second part isn't as standard as other buddy-style brewery openings. Plus, it's not the waterfall drinking, party metal of the 80s, but more the black shirt, street tough version of metal. In short, the vibe reminds us of Kuma's Corner in Avondale (Chicago).

We need to add a Hydra koozie to our collection. What's more, their mug club is the "Brew Horn club" ... SOLD! We want in!


  • Mon - Thurs: 3pm to 10pm
  • Fri: 1pm to 12am
  • Sat: 11am to 12am
  • Sun: 1pm to 7pm

Hydra Beer Company Beer

Hydra covers a 7% alcohol content range, from the Morningstar (3.3%) to the Hydra Death Breath v2.0 (10.3%), hilarious beer name by the way. Bet it sneaks up on you like Tröegs Mad Elf.

Hydra ships cases of beer around the Eastern part of South Dakota. If you're looking for different keg sizes, you may want to check with them first to see if they even do private keg sales.

Their Pale Horse seems like it would be a great beer for cooking beer brats at a Coyotes tailgate.

We're fairly certain that Hydra Beer > Puppers Beer ... Dogs are tough ... but Hydras are tougher.

  • Hydra Baroness
  • Hydra Black Hazelnut Pagan (Imperial Porter)
  • Hydra Black Sun Stout
  • Hydra Crown IPA
  • Hydra Death Breath Double IPA
  • Hydra Death Breath V2.0 Double IPA
  • Hydra Eden IPA
  • Hydra Emperor IPA
  • Hydra Immortal Brown Ale
  • Hydra Lilith Blonde Ale / Golden Ale
  • Hydra Morningstar Berliner Weisse
  • Hydra Pale Horse Pale Ale - English
  • Hydra Rapture Amber Red Ale
  • Hydra Resurrection Series - Dark Sour with Plum
  • Hydra Seven NE IPA
  • Hydra Succubus Sour / Wild Beer
  • Hydra The Haunted-Made Me Brew It IPA
  • Hydra Unholy Espresso Stout
  • Hydra Unholy Stout
  • Hydra Unholy Vanilla Stout

A couple of their beers were brewed at Sprecher Brewing Company out of Milwaukee, WI.

Hydra Beer Company Food/Menu

Roskens Pizzas. Pretzels and Popcorn. Food trucks like Big Rig BBQ. And, they've run a Donut & Beer pairing.

Hydra Beer Company Entertainment & Events

Hydra has a Nintendo 64 available to patrons. Because nothing is better than drinking and betting, specifically, betting on rounds over games of Mario Kart. They also have Yahtzee, and, Sioux Falls Trivia nights. There's a lot to love at Hydra.

The music can get loud (as metal should be), so if that isn't your thing, maybe not the best place for you.

Maybe they should serve some funyans with their pints of beer and run a D&D game in the back.

Hydra Beer Company Merch & Swag

Getting a picture whilst sitting in the "Hydra throne" is all the swag we need. Besides, you ain't sitting on a Hydra Throne at a super soft birthday party.

They probably have some solid craft beer gifts & merch.

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