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What is Monster Energy's The Beast Unleashed and Where Can I Buy It?

The Beast Unleashed is a flavored malt alcoholic beverage designed to ensure you never leave the house, nor your screen or controller, ever again. The Ready-to-Drink Hard Seltzer is being sold 21 years after the release of Monster's immensely popular energy drink.

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An Advertisement for Monster Energy The Beast Unleashed 6% ABV Hard Flavored Malt Beverage
The Beast Unleashed | Photo Credit to Monster Energy & Brewing

21+ Gamers, Pros and Noobs alike, are rejoicing from the comfort of their parents converted-to-a-living-quarters basements as they remind their mothers to come home with a 12 pack of The Beast next time she goes to the grocery store. And by The Beast, we mean Monster's entry into the alcoholic drinks world.

Either way, Monster Energy drinks just got hard. Make no mistake about it though, 6% ABV isn’t a crushing amount, considering most contemporary IPAs fall around that range. Even at 16 fl oz, The Beast won’t unleash any demons within you until you’re on your third, fourth or even fifth go-round.

Q&A: How much caffeine in Monster Energy?

So thank you, Coke (and Monster), because we needed this. Like, really needed this. You don’t even understand how bad we needed a Boozy Beast Monster in our college mini-fridges. One question though, what makes Perfect Peach so scary!?

The Beast Unleashed FAQs

Raise a tasty unleashed pint and toast. Sláinte.

Where did The Beast Unleashed come from?

Over a year ago, Monster Beverage joined forces with CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective LLC. They, CANarchy, were a craft beer and hard seltzer company. They are also now $330 million dollars richer, as that was the acquisition price.

Anyway, CANarchy’s brands, now fall under the Monster/Coca-Cola umbrella. This includes Cigar City and Oskar Blues, amongst others (including Hard Seltzer brands) that you know. It was a big get for the energy drink moguls, almost as big as you could get, seeing as CANarchy was one of the largest craft beer producers in the country.

And so that is where The Beast Unleashed came from. Monster acquired a growing craft beer conglomerate and congolmerated even harder. The iconic brand has now put the brewing company to work making their proprietary blend (aka recipe) of energy juice-flavored booze for the masses to consume. Bag of Doritos sold separately.

Who is The Beast Unleashed marketed to?

The Beast Unleashed will be targeting lifestyle enthusiasts, social media influencers, programmers, engineers, developers, Bro Culturists, Gamers, E-Sports players, and anyone who is normally into having a good time with synthetic tasting flavors.

Notifications will be sent to all the players in your original crew.

Where can I buy The Beast Unleashed?

Brewbound suggests that the product will undergo what is known as a phased rollout. Here is the proposed release schedule:

  • Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio (all of the CANarchy production facility states)
  • Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Tennessee and Texas (1-3 months later)
  • Nationwide (1-3 months later)

So fear not, your new favorite can cocktail is headed your way by Summertime at the latest.

Online Stores Carrying The Beast Unleashed

As of 2/7/2023, Luekens has 29 variety packs In Stock for purchase. Also to note, apparently there are some distribution issues with Monster's contract, according to Brewbound. That could be putting a bit of a delay on other online retailers picking up the beverage.

What is the alcohol content of The Beast Unleashed?

Monster Brewing’s The Beast Unleashed will have a 6.0% ABV. More than cheap beer and less than the Mai Tai you get at the local restaurant.

What flavors will Monster’s The Beast Unleashed come in?

The boozy energy drink will be available in these flavors:

  • Mean Green
  • Peach Perfect
  • Scary Berries
  • White Haze.

According to Seltzer Nation, an unnamed Orange flavor, as well as Killer Kiwi is planned as a fast follow up to this initial release. Gotta love the variety of flavours on display. Perhaps there will be a few new ones by the end of the year.

Four 16oz cans of The Beast Unleashed, each a different flavor
All Four Flavors of The Beast Unleashed | Photo Credit to BevNet

What size cans will it be available in?

Hard Monster Energy drinks will start out in 16oz tallboy cans. The 16oz tallboy format is a common alcoholic beverage single serving size. It’s also similar to the tallboy Non-Alcoholic version they already offer.

They will also release 12 packs of 12oz rtd flavored malt beverage cans. We’re not really sure if the craft beverage industry or your liver is ready to handle the “canarchy” ...

What is The Beast Unleashed's release date for purchase?

Monster Energy Beverages will “Unleash the Beast” on February 1st of 2023. The rollout will theoretically happen just before the Super Bowl, in both the single-serve cans and the 12oz pack sizes, so that maximum profit can be achieved. Make no mistake that you will see a large press release about the new products from Monster (owned by The Coca-Cola Company).

How much will The Beast Unleashed cost?

Individual skus from retailers are showing The Beast Unleashed 12 packs to retail for approximately $21.99 USD each.

Update - Luekens is offering The Beast Unleashed for $17.99.

Will The Beast come in a Variety Pack?

We were hoping to see Mean Green, Peach Perfect, Scary Berries and White Haze in a variety pack, and we got it. Monster Energy Zero Ultra it is not. Similarly, it is zero sugar, even if it has 6 percent alcohol by volume.

A 16oz can of Monster Energy's Mean Green flavor of The Beast Unleashed
Mean Green Monster Brewing The Beast Unleashed Flavor

Is The Beast Unleashed caffeine-free?

Yes, this Monster FMB (flavored malt beverage) will be caffeine-free.

The Beast Unleashed Nutrition Information

  • 130 Calories per serving (12oz)
  • 3-4 grams of carbohydrates per serving (12oz)
  • 0 grams of sugar per serving (12oz)

Will Monster sue for infringement on Phantom Fireworks?

It’s hard to say if Monster (and Coca-Cola) will sue Phantom Fireworks for their “The Beast Unleashed” firework set. After all, this was the same company that went after Rock Art Brewing for their “Vermonster”.

And that was long before the global brand got into the hard seltzer, hard malt beverage category. Don't get us started on whether they will include Vin Jay's Beast Unleashed.

Are there similar products to The Beast Unleashed?

Yes, it seems that Coca-Cola is attempting to compete with Pepsi’s Hard Mountain Dew line of products. Four Loko would be another competitor to The Unleashed Beast of Monster.

Ready-to-drink cocktails (canned cocktails) are also on that list.

Where will The Beast Unleashed be produced?

It’s a safe bet that The Beast Unleashed will be produced in multiple states, given the distributed nature of CANarchy prior to acquisition. Just take one look at the breweries that were under the CANarchy umbrella.

  • Colorado - Oskar Blues Brewery
  • Florida - Cigar City Brewing
  • Michigan - Perrin Brewing Company
  • North Carolina - Oskar Blues Brewery
  • Texas - Deep Ellum Brewing Company, Oskar Blues Brewery
  • Utah - Utah Brewers Cooperative

They can cover every region of the United States with that spread on the map, ranging from Maine to California. We're guessing that most will come out of the Longmont, Colorado facilities, as that is the address of record for the flavored malt beverage (FMB) -

Monster Brewing LLC, 1800 Pike Road, Longmont, CO 80501

Does Monster have a Hard Seltzer?

Yes, they have The Beast Unleashed as their version of a hard seltzer. Ok ok, it's not a Truly or White Claw, but it's what they got.

It's probably(?) better than the Tour Water they are about to release to the public.

Gronk Beach and The Beast Unleashed stage
Gronk Beach Unleashed

Who tried the product first?

We doubt it was CEO Rodney Sacks. Anyway, the people who attended the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) got to taste Monster's alcoholic malt beverage for the first time. This has been a part of the company's alcohol innovation pipeline. Last year was a big year for the team with Hard Mtn Dew on the shelves as a competitor, and, having launched Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, a boozy version of their premium Mexican water brand.

Wonder what kind of response The Beast Unleashed is getting in Mexico. Hmmm ...

Gronk Beach Unleashed

Speaking of the Super Bowl, Gronk Beach is ready for The Beast Unleashed. The photo above is showing exactly what's going on down there in Arizona. It looks like the type of place where people would be ripping shots to go along with their energy drinks.

Wrapping up

Suppose we file this under the let’s get boozed up category of alcoholic beverages. A refreshing of the ol’ Four Loko craze, if you will. What's next, Hard Fresca?

As for us, we will stick to our beer and brewery visits, thank you very much. But if you're down, go grab a pint of The Beast!

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