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Thirsty Thursday | Vol. 1 - June 2nd, 2022

Lobster Beers, Worcester Breweries & the Closing of Spencer Trappist Brewery.

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Welcome to the first edition of Thirsty Thursday, our weekly update on all things craft beer and beverage. As always, our goal is to help you find your next craft beverage.

Featured Article: Beers to Pair with Lobster

Summer is fast approaching and that means outdoor cookouts and family BBQs. And for many in the Northeast, that means fresh Lobster (usually from Maine). Ever wonder what beer goes best with lobster though? Yeah, us too, so we put together a handy guide:

The best beers to pair with lobster.

For our featured beer of the week, we are going to DC Brau's On the Wings of Armageddon. This beer is a 9.2% knockout that sneaks a whole lot of sweetness in between the citrus and the resin. We're thinking that's due to the Cara-60 malt that adds a bit of toasted bread to this Imperial IPA.

This brew should be available on the East Coast. Our apologies to those of you out West.

​Kettlehead Brewing Company out of Tilton, New Hampshire serves some of the very best brewpub food we've ever had. Oh yeah, and their beers are great, too. Kettlehead opened in 2017 and has built quite the following in NH's Lakes Region.

We highly recommend stopping at the brewery if you're traveling through NH. The service is friendly and prompt, the atmosphere is excellent (along with some parlor games), and the pretzel bites are outstanding.

Beers we recommend:

  • Dinosaurs Swimming in the Sky
  • Quest
  • The Agent

The one, the only, Worcester, Massachusetts. Worcester brews beer for the people. To us, that means all styles, all flavors, and all levels of ABV - from Wormtown's Mass Whole American Lager (4%) to Greater Good's Greylock (12%).

What's great about the city is how simultaneously casual and passionate they are about their local craft beer scene. And, the beer is just as good as any you will find in Boston, only it's brewed with 95% less pretense.

Check out our Worcester brewery guide.

Hoppy Boston has provided some of the best local beer writing you can find online for nearly a decade. In their latest article, the tackle the (tough) subject of the recent closing of the Spencer Trappist Brewery, the only of it's kind in the United States.

If you're interested, check out what Hoppy Boston has to say about Spencer's closing.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for tuning in. Reach out if you have any questions, concerns or otherwise, we'd love to hear from you. And, if you think there are ways that we can improve, let us know.

Enjoy this Thirsty Thursday safely!