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The Best Breweries, Brewpubs & Taprooms in Concord

So there are two in Concord itself, Concord Craft Brewing and Litherman's Limited. That may seem rough for a city, and a capital city at that, but these two breweries serve Concord well.

Concord is one of the highway city best pit stops going. Easy access to gas, grocery stores, burritos, and fresh brewed beer. This is key if you are headed up to North Conway for a weekend on the slopes.

Concord Craft Brewing Company

117 Storrs St, Concord, NH 03301 | (603) 856-7625

Makers of The Gov'nah, a tasty Imperial IPA, amongst other quality beers, Concord Craft Brewing is somewhat hidden from the downtown main street stroll that is Concord.

Concord Craft Brewing Company
Say hello to The Gov'nah for us.

Lithermans Limited Brewery

126 Hall St Ste B, Concord, NH 03301 | (603) 759-3500

If you're looking for a variety of tasty beers with good beer names and a range of ABV, then Litherman's Limited down on Hall St. on the south side of Concord is your place. Beers like L.L. Cool Haze DIPA and Mischief, Gold and Piracy are what we are talking about. Then there is the Quadracalabasia, an 11% Belgian Quad whose foundation consists of 100 lbs of graham cracker and 160 lbs of local sugar pumpkin. We always enjoy when a brewery peddles a craft brew that breaks into double digit booziness.

So, how much can you carry?

Litherman's Limited Brewery Outdoor Patio
Nothing says cold beer like drinking outside when it's cold

Other Craft Breweries near Concord, NH

If you are planning a brewery tour, you're going to want to visit more than the two breweries in downtown Concord. That's where the four below come in. Each is roughly a 20 minute drive from the

Blasty Bough Brewing Company

3 Griffin Rd, Epsom, NH 03234 | (603) 724-3636

Fun fact, dogs are allowed on Blasty Bough's outdoor patio. A small, but quite competent microbrewery in the bustling metropolis of Epsom, Blasty Bough has a little something for everyone. You can find good beer, a dash of small plates for eats, and live folk music.

Beer Lovers New England Best Breweries by Norman Miller

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Canterbury Aleworks

305 Baptist Hill Rd, Canterbury, NH 03224 | (603) 491-4539

The old school British phone booth (or time machine?) is one of the best brewery decorations one can have. A British/Irish inspired brewery, Canterbury Aleworks is one of the least assuming breweries in the great state of New Hampshire. It features a taproom and a patio, 8 beers on draft, and excellently priced growler pours. Canterbury Aleworks also belongs grouped in with Lakes Region breweries.

The downside is that the pours are limited to 4oz. Unfortunately, they aren't allowed to pour pints. This just forces you into a tasting flight, which is by far not the worst thing.

Interestingly enough, they grow their own hops on the premises. The list includes Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Zeus, Newport, Fuggle, Goldings, Magnum, Tettnanger, Hallertau, and Perle.

Henniker Brewing Company

129 Centervale Rd, Henniker, NH 03242 | (603) 428-3579

Henniker Brewing will be closing out their first decade in operation next year (2011). That's a testament to the quality craft beer they are brewing in their hidden enclave in the pines just outside of downtown. Helping to ensure their standing is a college and a ski mountain nearby.

In general Henniker keeps the abv in the controlled range of 4-6%. They will ramp up for special releases, like their King Misanthrope (Russian Imperial Stout) at 10% and Queen Polyanna (Sour Red Ale) at 9%.

Which brings us to Squints. Quite possibly the first beer we've heard of named after legendary 90s flick, The Sandlot. Quaff a few Squints and you might try and put the moves on your own Wendy Peffercorn.

Another reason to support Henniker is that they are a veteran-owned brewery.

Oddball Brewing

6 Glass St, Suncook, NH 03275 | (603) 210-5654

A tiny taproom in the tiny business district of Suncook, NH. Oddball Brewing's Vow of Silence wallops at 10.4% abv. It shouldn't be so quaffable, but it is. Chugging not encouraged.

Oddball Brewing is a good stop for a tasting flight thanks to a good mixture of core year round beers. And, their growler prices can't be beat.

Oddball Brewing Company
Downtown Suncook is Oddball Brewing and a pizza shop, which is all you really need.

Dos Amigos in Concord, NH

The unofficial third brewery of Concord is Dos Amigos. They feature tons of craft beers from New Hampshire breweries on tap, including Littleton's Schilling Beer Company, Portsmouth's Liar's Bench Beer Company, and of course, Litherman's and Concord Craft, just to name a few. You can rest assured that there is definitely a beer to pair with your Veggie Burrito with carrot habanero hot sauce.