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Brewery: Fermentation Arts Brasserie (FAB)


Type of Beer: New England IPA

ABV: 13%

CHAOS, a Triple New England IPA brewed by Fermentation Arts Brasserie (FAB)

"Heavy NEIPA with a variant yeast strain for each different can art label." - according to the brewery. While the variant yeast strain is impressive, we found the 13% abv far more mind-boggling. It doesn't taste or feel like a 13%'er, at least not until it hits you 30 mintues down the road like a punch from Iron Mike Tyson.

  • Artist(s): @septictheoutlaw / @adam_oday
  • Series: #VOTECHAOS
  • City: Philadelphia
  • Process: Adam / Septic / Adam

Fermentation Arts Brasserie (FAB) Beer Description

Although this grotesque creature's amorphous body and serpentine tentacles scattered throughout its circumference caused fear to shudder instantly throughout my nervous system, it was only at the sight of its hands that my overwhelming fear became crushing panic. In almost every way, this reprehensible being displayed none of the exquisite proportionality of the human body, and yet its hands, which were reaching out to me in hopes of dragging me ...

Brewed & canned by Dorchester Brewing Co. in Boston, MA.

Hops & Malts used in the CHAOS brewing recipe

Final thoughts on CHAOS