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An IPA brewed by Fiddlehead Brewing Company

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Brewery Fiddlehead Brewing Company
Type of Beer IPA
ABV 6.2%

If Vermont had a standard for what an IPA tastes like, it would be Fiddlehead's. It just tastes like a beer brewed in Vermont would taste like.

Fiddlehead Brewing Company Beer Description (on can)


From killer concerts to can't miss cultural affairs, this IPA has been brewed for unforgettable gatherings just like the one you're experiencing right now. They're the only places you'll find these very special cans. This tall slender vessel of hazy liquid wonder you're holding is the only way to enjoy our renowned IPA without a tap. No matter which senses you've come out to satisfy, seek it at whatever happenings you happen to be at, and it'll make sure you truly savor every minute of those moments. Consider it a beverage-based boost for both heart and spirit, and the soul-satisfying embodiment of our core conviction that the best times in life are better when shared. Be a fern believer!

Hops & Malts used in the IPA brewing recipe

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