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Hops On the Hill Farm Brewery

Farm to Glass brewery, as if there should be any other kind.

275 Dug Road, South Glastonbury, CT 06073

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Hops On the Hill Farm Brewery in South Glastonbury, CT

To be honest, we didn't know there was a "South" Glastonbury. We guess we never made it past Bricco, the Diamond, and Plan B. Unlike Downtown G'Bury, Hops On the Hill is situated out of town, across from horse riding school, The Pines Farm. What's more, the farm brewery is only a mile walk to the Rocky Hill / Glastonbury ferry.

Hops On the Hill takes pride in their small batch craft brewing process that uses hops and grains from not only their own farm, but local CT farms within the area.

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Hops On the Hill Farm Brewery Beer

Hey now, Hops On the Hill sells sixth barrel kegs. Fantastic. Next time I'm attending a hoedown on some acreage in Hebron, I will be sure to supply the suds with a Hops On the Hill keg.

They will also fill your clean growler with beer on tap.

Brewery Food/Menu

No food on site. However, you are welcome to BYOF, as well as patronize the various food trucks that Hops On the Hill bring onto the farm. Maybe some Bricco pizzas?

Brewery Entertainment & Events

Hops On the Hill has enough space for you to bring a picnic basket filled with cheese, crackers, and some fig jam. If, you know, that's your kind of jam.

The venue itself is available for rentals.