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Microbrewery in Old Saybrook, CT

30 Mile Brewing Company

39 Ragged Rock Rd Unit 5, Old Saybrook, CT 06475
(860) 339-5238

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Just inland from the Connecticut River in Old Saybrook is 30 Mile Brewing Company.

Founded by three friends, 30 Mile Brewing runs a 5bbl system that features options for lovers of all beer types. Established in 2015, the 30 Mile Brewing Company now has a half decade of slinging hand-crafted ales in Southern CT.

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30 Mile Brewing Company Beer

Slotted into 3 types, 30 Mile has everyday beer, rotating selections, and experimentals. NEIPAs, NEIPA (2x), Belgians, Browns, Sours, and Stouts.

  • All Your Hop Are Belong To Us
  • Aunt Virginia
  • Baby Fight Club
  • Golden Boy
  • Juicy Juicington XIV
  • Mocha Picchu
  • Thunder Pump
  • Totes Blond

Juicy Juicington XIV is 30 Mile's version of Boaty McBoatface.