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An Interview with Kit NA Brewing

We had a chance to pose a few questions to the team at Kit NA Brewing, an exciting non-alcoholic brewery that opened up recently in Portland, Maine. Here's what they had to say.

Kit NA Brewing in Portland, ME
On Your Mark | Photo Credit to Kit NA Brewing

As a lot of you know, the city of Portland is home to the most amount of breweries per capita in the United States. Kit NA has the honor of being the first non-alcoholic brewery in the city. We hope to see great things from them as they get started.

We recently ordered and received a sixer of their blonde ale, On Your Mark, and we're here to tell you that it's solid. It's not watery. It's not paper thin. It's a beer through and through. And, it's among the better options in the NA category that you can find. Don't sleep on it if NA beers are your beverage of choice!

Here's what Kit NA had to say:

FMaB: When were you founded?

Officially, in January of 2021, but the idea for Kit was born in 2020, when Kit's co-founders met and agreed there was an opportunity for better tasting NA beer.

FMaB: What inspired the creation of a non-alcoholic brewery?

Kit is here to provide an authentic craft drinking experience without the alcohol. Our goal is to make great tasting beer and create a product and space that is inclusive of anyone who is interested in skipping the alcohol.

FMaB: What is something unique about your brewery that sets you apart, other than the NA beer?

Our team. Everyone at Kit is passionate about craft beer and focused on changing the industry.

FMaB: What are your plans for the future? Are you trying to grow beyond the city? Beyond New England?

Getting Kit into as many hands as possible! We will launch in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York in January 2022. Customers will also be able to purchase our beer online and have it shipped to their home.

FMaB: Where will your beer be available? (taproom only, bars, restaurants, craft beer stores, online stores & apps, etc)

All of the above!

FMaB: How large is your operation? How many people are employed?

There are currently eight people on our team and we are growing!

A six pack of On Your Mark, a NA beer from Kit NA Brewing in Portland, Maine
6 for you or 3 to split with a friend

FMaB: What is your favorite beer to brew?

At this moment in time, our IPA. It has the aroma and flavor profile of a modern IPA with none of the alcohol and we can't get enough of it!

FMaB: What are your favorite beers to drink? Who are your favorite breweries, or who are the breweries you respect and look up to?

Everyone on the team really looks up to the beer and culture at Allagash.

FMaB: What do you think of the Portland craft beer scene?

It's great! There's something for everyone and now we can add Craft NA beer to the list.

FMaB: What music, if any, do you listen to on brew days?

Rush or Kendrick Lamar.

FMaB: Who does the branding/can artwork?

Hugh McCormick and our Marketing Director, Liz Morris.

FMaB: What is your favorite hop to use and why? Or, what is one hop you’ve been experimenting with?

Simcoe for its versatility, but we've really enjoyed working with Crystal as well.

Wrapping Up

We agree that Allagash has both excellent culture as well as beer. As for Kit, it was great to get a chance to learn about their product, their operation, and their future. We will be sure to follow up with them come summer time to check in on their progress.

Speaking of summer, On Your Mark is the perfect summer beverage to quaff after that 20-30 mile bike ride you're going to take.

A single 12oz can of On Your Mark, Kit NA Brewing's Flagship NA Beer
Tasty beer all the way from Portland, Maine!

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