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Woodbury Brewing Company

Enjoy the beer garden! Enjoy the full bar! Both great things to have at this Woodbury, CT brewpub.

738 Main St S, Woodbury, CT 06798
(203) 405-3811

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Nothing says breakfast beer like a bowl full of Beerios, a 7.4% abv IPA. They claim that Beerios is like, "a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and a glass of orange juice, in pint form." This sounds incredible. We must sample Beerios. We're happy to drink it out of a bowl ...

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Woodbury Brewing Company Beer

Woodbury Brewing offers cans to go.

Beerios is a great beer name. So is Vic Voss.

Wit Zen ... Don't Go Romanov ... O'McOsh ... lotta wordplay at Woodbury. How very Connecticut of them.

Brewery Food/Menu

The beer garden serves up some pub eats. Burgers, hot dogs, wings, beer battered fried pickles, pretzels, salads, and Drunk Alpaca potato chips made with WBC beer. Nice.

Brewery Entertainment & Events & Events

Live music. Games, including cornhole and shuffleboard.

Woodbury Brewing Company FAQs

Does Woodbury Brewing Company serve food? Yes, WBC serves

Is Woodbury Brewing Company kid friendly? Yes, WBC is kid friendly, but only until 9pm.

Is Woodbury Brewing Company dog friendly? Yes, WBC is dog friendly.