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Route 140

One of the brewery's signature beers. An all-around drinker that didn't excel at any one thing, but managed to stay balanced and do a bunch of them right.

Route 140, a New England IPA brewed by 67 Degrees Brewing
Nice map!

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Route 140
Brewery 67 Degrees Brewing
Type of Beer NEIPA
ABV 6.7%

Fun can artwork. It is a map of all of the towns on MA Route 140, the beer's namesake. Right in between the surprising amount of microbreweries that are along Rt 140 is Franklin's 67 Degrees Brewing. A newcomer to the scene in 2020, it seems to be off to a good start. We managed to get our hands on their take on a New England IPA some time back in the spring.

Maybe that's clouding our judgment, but we feel that a spring day, right as the cool of night starts to set in, is the most excellent time to imbibe this IPA.

67 Degrees Brewing Beer Description

New England style IPA, hazy, unfiltered, citrusy, fruity aroma from dry hops

Hops & Malts used in the Route 140 brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Route 140

Real simple - would drink again.