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The Best Craft Beer Bars in Brooklyn

Of course Brooklyn has good craft beer options. Let's check'em out.

4th Avenue Pub, 7g 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Photo Credit to 4th Avenue Pub

4th Avenue Pub

76 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

The 4th Avenue Pub sources its draft list from all over the nation. This list includes some of the most respected names in the game: Lawson's Finest Liquids (Vermont), 3 Floyd's Brewing Company (Indiana), Cigar City Brewing (Florida). However, they still make time for their home state, pouring pints from Sloop Brewing, Southern Tier Brewing, and of course, Brooklyn Brewery.

Barcade, 388 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Photo Credit to Barcade


388 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Old school video games are the truth. Nothing would please us more than throwing down a few bevvies before unleashing a "Finish Him" Mortal Kombat fatality. We'd also be willing to wager a few drinks on NBA Jam.

As for the beer, Barcade has worked with a variety of breweries over the last decade to serve exclusive, thematically-related craft beers. There's the Victory Rye Score, Climax Barcade Anniversary ABbey, and the Sixpoint-Barcade Beer Project. Those don't include the Cape Ann Williamsburg Wheat, which is important because the founder of Cape Ann Brewing and Barcade were roommates. Then there's the rest of the craft beer, of which there are many.

Bar Great Harry 280 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Photo Credit to Bar Great Harry

Bar Great Harry

280 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Bar Great Harry has Hard Seltzer on tap. How about that?!

Bar Great Harry is a great place if you're looking for an Interboro Raviolihead or a Central Waters Mudpuppy. It's also a great place to play some pinball. Anyway, if you're in Carroll Gardens and you're thirsty, then the 20 taps of Bar Great Harry will satisfy you.

Beer Street, 413 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Photo Credit to Beer Street

Beer Street

413 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

If you went to a bar named Beer Street in Gainesville, Florida, you could feel confident that they serve up 22oz pours of Bud Light, massive plates of Buffalo Wings and Tim Tebow career highlights on at least 5 TVs within your line of sight. What we're trying to say is that Wild East's Alfresco Cucumber would not be available. And for that matter, Mizuharitsuke from Nightmare Brewing.

Beer Street in Brooklyn, however, is an entirely different beast. They have a fantastic craft selection that allows you to dial in a precise flavor and abv in the pour/can/bottle of your choice. Beer Street also opened up a second location in Brooklyn down on Vanderbilt.

Brooklyn Brewhouse, 229 Duffield St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Photo Credit to Brooklyn Brewhouse

Brooklyn Brewhouse

229 Duffield St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

The Brooklyn Brewhouse is a part of the Hotel Indigo. It's a very, very casual place for a date. This is doubly true if you both like a straightforward IPA, of which they have a bunch on tap. Triply true if both want to catch a college basketball game, as the TVs are plentiful.

Gold Star Beer Counter, 176 Underhill Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238
Photo Credit to Gold Star Beer Counter

Gold Star Beer Counter

176 Underhill Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238

Could this be a European Spa? Maybe, but they pour beer, so who cares!? Jokes aside, Gold Star Beer Counter is literally just that, a few counters where you can enjoy a beer. You can also enjoy coffee and pastries from the counter if you show up early enough. GSBC does growlers to go, which is a classy touch. As for the beers themelves, they serve Finback, Grimm, Other Half, Oxbow, Threes and a slew of others.

The Owl Farm, 297 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Photo Credit to The Owl Farm

The Owl Farm

297 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

From glass mug to stemmed tulip glass, you can find your favorite pour at The Owl Farm daily from 2-2. That's pm to am for all you night owls (pardon the pun). This Park Slope bar, which opened in 2021, is equipped with 28 taps and a storehouse full of rare bottled beers and ciders.

Sputen Duyvil, 359 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Photo Credit to Sputen Duyvil

Sputen Duyvil

359 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

They serve a beer called Sci Fi Hamster Wheel. No joke.

Sputen Duyvil has an awesome outdoor space, with (always fun) stringy lights and an ivy wall that will make you feel like you're drinking an old style on the Wrigley Field warning track. The indoor scene is just as civilized.

Back to the beer ... Sputen Duyvil is a place where craft beer snobs will be outgunned by the staff. We consider that a good thing. Being offered are hard to find bottles alongside a menu of artfully-selected brews, with a focus on Belgian-style beer.

Tørst, 615 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Photo Credit to Tørst


615 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Tørst, which means "thirst" in Norwegian, does not mess around with beer. With 21 rotating taps, they're bound to have a beer style that matches your pleasure. And if they don't, stick around for an hour and one just appear, as if by some fancy tap magic that Tørst wields.

This craft beer bar does it right 7 days a week. The taps get aligned by beer color, moving from Kölsch to Imperial Stout, while making sure to hit traditional European styles like an English Bitter in between. What's more, they have over 200+ bottles available should the 21 tap lines not tickle your fancy.

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