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Blonde Ale

LlamaNama brews a really fun blonde ale, because everything about a Llama in a bow tie and ski goggles should be fun.

A Blonde Ale brewed by LlamaNama Beer Labs
Coolest brewery logo of all-time

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Blonde Ale
Brewery LlamaNama Beer Labs
Type of Beer Blonde
ABV 5.6%

LlamaNama implores you to "Make Beer, Not Sense". Apropos.

A great beer for springtime. It almost borders on a hefe with hints of banana and cream. An easy drinker, their Blonde Ale would pair well with a good swordfish, or perhaps dessert.

LlamaNama Beer Labs Beer Description (on can)

Hops & Malts used in the Blonde Ale brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Blonde Ale

A light-hearted refreshment that is best enjoyed with your legs dangling over a seawall. Or, perhaps a good late lunch post lake kayaking trip.