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Brewery: Moonlight Meadery

Razz What She Said

This semi-sweet and sparkling session mead is like a tart dessert in a 12oz can.

Type of Beer: Session Mead

ABV: 6.5%

Razz What She Said, a Raspberry Session Mead brewed by Moonlight Meadery

It's not hard to find the midpoint taste between the raspberry and the honey mead. Razz What She Said strikes a good balance. The clever word play of the mead name is fun. Double that for the Meadery's beverage description.

Moonlight Meadery Beer Description (on can)

Honey and Raspberries? Damn. That's sticky.


Ingredients used in the Razz What She Said brewing recipe

  • Honey
  • Raspberry Juice
  • Water

Final thoughts on Razz What She Said

Cool beverage. We'd have no problem having another Razz What She Said or three. If it were a shandy, we'd suggest you enjoy one after a trail ride in the White Mountains. The (slightly) higher ABV and the honey aftertaste position it more for board game night with your friends.