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Types of Shots and Their Recipes

Shots can be fun from time to time, if they are enjoyed responsibly.

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Lemon Drop

The Lemon Drop is a much better shot than people give it credit for. It’s tart, it’s crisp, and much like Limoncello liqueur, it can cleanse a palette as a chaser.

Blow Job

Yikes! That's quite the uncouth name for an alcoholic drink.


It might delight your tastebuds, but it's going to bomb your liver.

Liquid Marijuana

A perfect shot to serve at 4:20, the Liquid Marijuana will take the edge off the day's work.

Washington Apple

One of the tastiest shots in the entire game. It's a recipe primed for the Fall Season, so keep it in mind after you visit the local orchard for something picking.

Grim Reaper

Fast and effective, this shot will knock you into next week if you have a few too many of them.

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