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Lake Cruiser

7.8% is enough to make you wait until after your Lake Winnipesaukee cruise has ended.

Lake Cruiser, a Double IPA brewed by Twin Barns Brewing Company
A straight-forward, no surprises DIPA

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Lake Cruiser
Brewery Twin Barns Brewing Company
Type of Beer Double IPA
ABV 7.8%

The wooden Lake Cruiser on the front of the can is a scene straight out of a Peter Ferber painting. We can thank North Hampton, NH based Rumbletree for the fine branding.

Twin Barns' write up on the Lake Cruiser feels a bit more fitting to another Double IPA with a similar flavor profile, Mighty Squirrel's Cosmic Distortion.

Beer Description

We amp our IPA up to 11 with this DIPA recipe- A Hazy, NE-Style DIPA incorporating rolled oats and aromatic malts to form the backbone of an 7.8% ABV barn-wrecker of a beer, with unrestrained hop character and deceptively smooth finish! Hop flavors of ripe Cantaloupe, Passionfruit, and Nectarines over a pillowy, full-bodied malt character.

Hops & Malts used in the Lake Cruiser brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Lake Cruiser

We don't feel confident in Twin Barns' boast of 7.8% being a "barn-wrecker". But, we will sign off on the smooth finish and full-bodied stature of their brew.

You'll detect some nectarine, some pineapple, and other hints of citrus as you lounge with this lakeside libation.