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A beer brewed specifically for Twin Barns Brewing Company's 2nd Anniversary.

TWO, a Sour IPA brewed by Twin Barns Brewing Company for their 2nd Anniversary
Great use of color on the can.

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Brewery Twin Barns Brewing Company
Type of Beer Sour IPA
ABV 6%

The brewery is claiming that 2nd Anniversary Sour IPA, TWO, is dotted with notes of grapefruit, lemon and lime. We're inclined to believe them. It's almost as if they ended up brewing a hoppy shandy or radler, as at times it feels as though TWO is an IPA with two scoops of Fresca poured in.

We know, we know, that's a bit of an odd, and perhaps unappetizing, description of the beer. Unfortunately, Sour IPAs aren't our thing. Fortunately, if they were, we'd think this was a pretty spot on version of one.

So there's that.

Beer Description

What a year it was! We brewed this Sour IPA in celebration of our 2nd Anniversary and proudly dedicate it to all our wonderful customers, friends and family. Expect an effervescent tartness and fruity notes from a creative hop combination.

Thanks for everyone's support and here's to more great things to come!


Hops & Malts used in the TWO brewing recipe

Final thoughts on TWO

We're more psyched about Twin Barns Brewing having been open for 2 years than worrying about the hop or flavor profile of TWO.

If you're into Sour IPAs, then this will be your jam. If you're not, grab a White Caps or Belknap Pils to go with your TBBC/Osteria Poggio Bacon Chicharon tacos (Something Completely Different) on Anniversary weekend.

In case you were wondering, this is "proper beer, raised in a barn". That checks out.