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Microbrewery in Bloomfield, CT

Back East Brewing Company

1296 Blue Hills Ave Ste A, Bloomfield, CT 06002
(860) 242-1793

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Hard not to like a brewery that

Back East is set to open up a brand new taproom along with a patio to enjoy a few pints on. You know, for those, "I'm outdoorsy in that I like to drink on patios" types. The new taproom will play host to over 30+ taps and fit in a couple hundred folks. All this along with space for live music. Not bad, Back East. Not bad at all.

Back East Brewing Company Beer

  • Back East Ale
  • Big Day Off DIPA
  • Ice Cream Man IPA
  • Intergalactic Lupulinary IPA
  • Misty Mountain IPA
  • Palate Mallet DIPA
  • Shad Derby Pale Ale
  • Suzy Greenberg IPA
  • Tony Goes Dancing DIPA
  • Unicorn Farm IPA

Holy hops, Batman! To say that Back East brewing enjoys hops would be an understatement. You can grab some Back East beers along the knowledge corridor at supermarkets and package stores, or, drink it at local CT bars and restaurants.