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The Different Sizes of Beer

Wait, how many different sizes are there? Growlers, crowlers and pitchers, oh my!

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A collection of beer bottles and glasses of different sizes
It could be worse than having these beers in front of you.

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When ordering a beer, or beers, as in the case of a pitcher or keg, you have so many different sizes to choose from. The easiest of them to order is the pint of beer. But even the pint has some variance, as the American pint differs in size from the Imperial/British pint. This list of beer sizes is purely based on liquid volume. It is not meant for you to judge potential intoxication levels from, as liquid volume would need to be measured alongside alcohol content to have a basic understanding of what your BAC might be from consuming that amount of beer.

Australians have pots and schooeys (or schooner), respectively coming in at 285ml and 425ml.


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