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A Duck Fart Shot
Still one of the more ridiculous shot names

Duck Fart Shot Recipe

Who came up with the Duck Fart Shot? Seriously.

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According to Mantitlement, "They say that the Duck Fart shot is to Alaska what the Mai Tai is to Hawaii, or the margarita is to Mexico."

We were unaware of that fact. Anyway, the Duck Fart Shot is a layered catastrophe of hilariousness. How can you take yourself seriously when you're enjoy a round of these Bad Larrys. The answer is that you shouldn’t, because it’s a fun drink that will also get you inebriated quickly if you aren’t careful.

Some folks even refer to it as the Alaskan Duck Fart. That’s really a perfect name for this shot.

Equipment to make a Duck Fart Shot

Duck Fart Shot Ingredients

The Duck Fart Shot recipe calls for ingredients that you most likely have in your booze cupboard, things like Irish Cream, Canadian Whiskey, and Coffee Liqueur. Here is what we use to make them.

Substitute Ingredients

How to Make a Duck Fart Shot

  1. Pour coffee liqueur as the base of the shot, 1/2oz of Kahlua in our case.
  2. Layer in the 1/2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream with the bar spoon on top of the Kahlua.
  3. Layer in the 1/2oz of Crown Royal Canadian Whisky with the bar spoon on top of the Bailey’s.

Making a Duck Fart Drink

The cocktail recipe is the same, though it requires some more patience. That’s because you need to up the volumes of the alcohols involved. In other words, the overall prep time increases because you’re spending more time pouring liquids down the back of a spoon. But once you get the hand of layering, it shouldn’t be too bad.

The challenge with a Duck Fart Drink is that inserting ice cubes will mess with the layered shot look.

At the end of the day, it’s probably best just to stick to the Alaskan Duck Fart shot. There are other drink recipes that are far more fun to enjoy in highball glasses than this one.

Shots That Are Similar

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