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Good Night Moon

A super smooth porter, Good Night Moon is. Start this Imperial Porter after the kids go to bed, not before. This is definitely not a beer to rev up during Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy.

Good Night Moon, an Imperial Milk Porter brewed by Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company

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Good Night Moon
Brewery Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company
Type of Beer Imperial Milk Porter
ABV 11%

Greater Good brews imperial craft beer out of their Millbrook locale in Worcester, as well as contract brewing elsewhere to scale up production. We like everything that Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company makes, including Good Night Moon, Pulp Daddy, and GG Vibes.

Well balanced, Good Night Moon has a hint of bitterness amongst a dark, rich, and indulgent malt profile. The lactose adds a touch of necessary cream to the roast.

Greater Good Imperial Brewing's Beer Description

Strong, bold, creamy and delicious. If you’re seeking a flavorful porter that means business, Good Night Moon is for you. We’ve created a traditional-style London Porter with the addition of lactose to give you a creamier mouth feel, a technique famously found in milk stouts. The results are out of this world. Brewed with South American Coffee and Chocolate malts – you’ll get unbelievable hints of roasted flavors that only enhance the typical caramel flavors of traditional porter.

Inspired. Evolved. Imperial.

Hops & Malts used in the Good Night Moon brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Good Night Moon

Good Night Moon shines in its ability to reduce the booziness in every sip, while suffering no loss of flavor. One of our favorite porters, regardless of its imperial-status.