Taproom in Franconia, NH

Iron Furnace Brewing

115 Main St, Franconia, NH 03580
(603) 823-2119

Under the shadow of Cannon Mountain, which has Cafe 4080 and the highest taps in the Granite State, is Iron Furnace Brewing, a brewpub that serves craft beer, pub grub, and dessert. Outstanding!

Once again, the friends and family approach remains strong in New Hampshire, with four friends coming together to give the White Mountains the fresh beer it so needs. NH Lakes and Ski Mountains are no longer Budweiser dominated like they were in the 80s.

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Iron Furnace Brewing Beer

Iron Furnace brews for everyone, slinging pints of stouts, pale ales, golden ales, and more. We say drink by the season. Grab a Goldthread in the summer, a Tramline in the fall, and a Summer Peach, well, you get the point.

Craft beers include:

  • Ladyslipper
  • Little Gnome
  • pHool for love
  • Third Winter
  • Wasting Light

Brewery Food/Menu

Everything you'd expect from a NH brewpub, nachos, pretzels, buffalo chicken dip, sandwiches, pizza, and dessert. And with pizza, they don't stop at pepperoni, spinning up hawaiian and bbq/buffalo chx pies. The grilled cheese dippers with tomato bisque sounds delicious. Can't wait to try Iron Furnace when the weather gets better.

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