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Brewery: Sap House Meadery

Wrench Turner

Sparkling meads are the next evolution in the U.S. Craft Brewing revolution. Ok ok, so they aren't posed to replace IPAs in popularity. That doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the novelty.

Type of Beer: Draft Mead

ABV: 6.9%

Wrench Turner, a Blueberry Draft Mead brewed by Sap House Meadery

Early fall is a great time to imbibe a Wrench Turner. Better yet, after a crisp Autumn hike through The Flume Gorge in Franconia Notch State Park is exactly when you should drink this craft bevvy from Center Ossipee.

Sap House Meadery Beer Description (on can)

A refreshing carbonated blueberry draft/session mead. Made here, canned here at Sap House Meadery.

Ingredients used in the Wrench Turner brewing recipe

  • Blueberry Juice
  • Honey
  • Water
  • Yeast

Sap House adds potassium sorbate to help prevent fermentation.

Final thoughts on Wrench Turner

The Wrench Turner is fairly comparable to Moonlight Meadery's Razz What She Said, a raspberry session mead. Both come from the Granite State, where they hold up well against other New Hampshire Breweries & Brew Pubs.

The downside to this 12oz draft mead is its exorbitant price. We walked out of the store several dollars lighter after acquiring a 4 pack of the Wrench Turner.