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Brewery: Ten Bends Beer

Northern Heights

Smooth drinking for an 8-percenter. Northern Heights is a good fishing beer. After a few 16oz cans, you'll hardly care that the only thing you caught was a hard time for getting home late.

Type of Beer: New England Double IPA

ABV: 8%

Northern Heights, a Double IPA brewed by Ten Bends Beer

One of the tastier DIPAs we've had of late. This New England Style Double IPA does Vermont brewing proud. Sweet Aurora Borealis artwork on the can.

Among DIPAs, Northern Heights ranks right up there with a pair of double IPAs from Timberyard Brewing and Purgatory Beer Company for us. Interesting that both of those Mass breweries are a short drive from Worcester.

Ten Bends Beer Beer Description (on can)

Hops & Malts used in the Northern Heights brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Northern Heights

Tasty tasty try again soon.