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Brewery: 603 Brewery


If you're renting a Lake Winni Lakehouse, it's understood that you need to drink 603's Winni.

Type of Beer: Amber

ABV: 6.6%

Winni, an amber ale brewed by 603 Brewery
The light source suggests this is a lunch beer. Hint, it was.

The 603 Brewery should lobby for a law that requires all Winnipesaukee waterfront homes, and the whole Lakes Region for that matter, to have their Winni Amber Ale stocked for their guests enjoyment. We picked up half a case of beer at E.M. Heath's in Center Harbor. The market is a throwback to the good ol' New England vacation days of AM/FM boat radios and fireworks every Friday at Weirs Beach.

Unlike Scenic and their base IPA, Winni is a super casual amber ale that is meant for summer fun. A few of these cold pops will leave you less remorseful about throwing your nephew off the floating dock until he gives up and swims to shore.

There can be only one king of the dock, and that is you.

603 Brewery's Beer Description (on can)

Hops & Malts used in the Winni brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Winni

Can you take sixth barrels out onto Braun Bay? Is that possible? Can we get a legal ruling on this? If so, New Hampshire breweries could find themselves a bit richer.

603's Winni is another grill companion. Even a rare steak would give you enough time to crush a couple 12oz amber treats.