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A Beer Called Quest

Some funky, Where’s Waldo style artwork on A Beer Called Quest.

A Beer Called Quest, a hazy IPA brewed by Springdale Beer Company

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A Beer Called Quest
Brewery Springdale Beer Company
Type of Beer IPA
ABV 6.8%

Per Springdale, A Beer Called Quest is, "the sixth track in our fresh and ephemeral IPA series has dropped! A Beer Called Quest is a 6.8% ABV hazy IPA featuring a hip-hoppy mix of Nelson and Motueka hops."

Springdale Beer Company Beer Description (on can)

Fresh and ephemeral.

We believe that not all good things are meant to last and this series allows us to create beautiful, fleeting moments of fresh flavors. Enjoy each of these moments to the fullest with a fresh IPA that won’t last.

Inspired by the 2020 Springdale Playlist

Your Quest: Find the hop in the sea of yeastie boys

Hops & Malts used in the A Beer Called Quest brewing recipe

Final thoughts on A Beer Called Quest

A good beer in its own right. We do prefer the lighter fare from Springdale, including the Pearly White Ale and Das Weizen.