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Brewery: Springdale Beer Company

Das Weizen

A fantastic hefeweizen that is, as Springdale boasts, well balanced.

Type of Beer: Hefeweizen

ABV: 5%

Das Weizen, a Hefeweizen brewed by Springdale Beer Company

More akin to the their Pearly Wit than A Beer Called Quest. And, rightfully so. Far more related to Pearly in beer style.

Hefeweizens are fun to pour, if even into a traditional pint glass. Maybe it's just their casual, laissez faire approach to being consumed. Like, when is it a bad time for a hefe? Pretty much never. A hefeweizen won't spoil a fish meal. It won't (really) take a steak down a notch. Tacos? Sure.

Hefeweizens are versatile, in our opinion, and could even work with a tomato bisque sitting around a wood fire around the holidays. Perhaps it's the spice.

Springdale Beer Company Beer Description (on can)

This is a beer that requires a mastery of fermentation to produce the incredible balance of banana, clove and sweetness. We've enjoyed perfecting this style over the years and hope you appreciate the results.

A 16oz can of Das Weizen poured into a pint glass
Hints of banana, of course

Hops & Malts used in the Das Weizen brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Das Weizen

We can see Springdale agonizing over getting Das Weizen just right. We're glad they did.

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