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Brewery: Springdale Beer Company


Simply put, one of our favorite craft beers.

Type of Beer: White Ale

ABV: 4.8%

Pearly, a White Ale brewed by Springdale Beer Company

Perhaps it's easy to say that about a tasty witbier. That doesn't mean Springdale is putting out bad product. It's refreshing to see a white ale serve as the core year-round drinker of the Framingham, MA brewery, especially in an industry dominated by the almighty IPA. Then again, Springdale and Jack's Abby aren't as focused on IPAs as a craft brewer such as Tree House.

Springdale can experiment though, as evidenced by their ephemeral IPA series - the same series that produced A Beer Called Quest. They can also do an excellent traditional hefeweizen (Das Weizen).

Springdale Beer Company Beer Description (on can)

A lightly spiced wheat beer to pair with the best parts of life in the Northeast, from coastal clam shacks to those few fleeting weeks of patio season. Pearly is purely New England.

Hops & Malts used in the Pearly brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Pearly

Good for nearly any meal. Good for nearly any occasion. Dialing up a Pearly Wit could almost be good for you, if, you know, it wasn't an alcoholic beverage. Quite possibly the tastiest shower beer you will ever drink.