Bateau Brewing

Taproom in Gardiner, ME

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Gardiner, Maine. An Augusta suburb of nearly 6,000 people, Gardiner is bordered by Pleasant Pond and the Kennebec River. The brewery overlooks that same river.

The owners, at least one of which owns a local pub, came together to bring some life and vitality, through craft beer of course, to downtown Gardiner. Perhaps we can make a summertime trip to Bateau, pending things calm down in the world a bit.


Bateau brews a collection of reds, goses, wheats, IPAs, and stouts.

  • 220
  • Anavrin
  • Citronic
  • Colburn
  • Crowhawk
  • Four Oars


Food trucks bring the food to Bateau Brewing. Cheeseburgers, Chicken Fingers, BBQ pulled pork, brats, wings, fries. All good stuff.


Trivia nights. Artful Nights. Football Sundays. Bateau Brewing even did a "Dip Off", an event where patrons brought in their own cooked dips to be judged.