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The Best Mixed Drinks to Order at a Bar or Restaurant

From Classic Cocktails to Simple Mixed Drinks, we include the Fruity, the Sour, the Sweet and the very Strongest Mixed Drinks to order the next time you go out for the night.

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Let's not forget the Frozen, the Keto-Friendly options, the Non-Alcoholic and the Low-Calorie. Many of these drinks can also be considered beach drinks.

11 Classic Drinks

8 Simple Drinks

8 Fruity Drinks

7 Sour Drinks

8 Sweet Drinks

6 Strongest Drinks

7 Frozen Drinks

6 Low Calorie Drinks

Keto-Friendly Drinks

For Keto-Friendliness, you're going to want to skip the sugar-laden mixers and the fruit juices. Same goes for the sodas like Coca-Cola, Sprite and Ginger Ale. Tonic water is also on the No-Fly List.

Drinking straight alcohol, as in the case of Whiskey Neat or classic dry martinis will be your best bet. Vodka & Sodas work too. Brandy is another great option.

Remember, no Rum & Cokes at night and no Screwdrivers in the morning.

9 Non-Alcoholic Drinks

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