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Dirigo Brewing Company

Dirigo brews small batch craft beers that resonate with the people. Focusing on lagers, Dirigo rolls out several brews in a traditional European style. Their historic mill building lends an excellent ambiance to the taproom, not to mention the waterfall.

28 Pearl St, Biddeford, ME 04005

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You could always count on DBC to have friendly folks pouring your beer. They specialized in brewing European-style beers, including Helles, Pilsner, Marzen, and Schwarzbier. Given that, they probably ran a lot of Hallertau and Saaz through the house.

The owners of Blaze Brewing Company purchased Dirigo Brewing Company.

Those who want to travel down the eastern shore should stop at Portland, Maine, the state's capital. It's a great place to roam around, and it's crammed with breweries. According to the Bangor Daily News, Maine has the highest number of breweries per capita in the United States. According to Food and Wine, the city of Portland, Oregon, has the most breweries per capita of any U.S. city with 50,000 or more residents.

In truth, Portland breweries are fantastic.

Dirigo Brewing Company Hours

Breweries near Dirigo Brewing Company in Biddeford, ME

If you were going to conduct your own brewery tour from Biddeford, we'd suggest you head North and try these ones below.

Allagash Brewing Company

Brewery | 50 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103 | (207) 878-5385

Allagash is one of Portland's oldest breweries. Just north of the city, they have a beautiful brewery that's about a 15-minute drive away. In addition to their interior taprooms, they have a large amount of outdoor area. A lot of people love Allagash White, and for good reason. If you intend to visit, you should definitely purchase one. However, we're just as enthusiastic by their Belgian Tripel. It's a refreshing golden ale with a delicate honey and fruit flavor. And, at a 9% ABV, it's more than capable of getting the job done (if that's what you want).

Austin Street Brewery

Taproom | 115 Fox Street, Portland, ME 04101 | (207) 200-1994

There are now two non-Austin street locations in Portland, which we apologize for stating. Even if their artisan beers are of high quality, it is hard to criticize them. They also collaborated with 39 other Maine brewers to create the MBG Collab 2020 beer. The Maine Brewers Guild received all of the money raised from the sale of the beer.

Austin Street Brewery (Blending & Bottling)

Taproom | 1 Industrial Way Ste 8, Portland, ME 04103 | (207) 200-1994

This is Austin Street's Blending, Bottling & Tasting Room in their Industrial Way brewhouse. Stop by the facility with a few buddies to enjoy pints of Patinas and a few laughs. The Double Dry Hopped Patina and the Barrel Aged Walcott are two examples of their alternative brews. Throw in an Oktoberfest since it's the time of year and you'd have yourself a party. Fresh beer is a staple in the diets of Mainers and out there on Industrial Way, there's a brewery on every every corner in Massachusetts.

Battery Steele Brewing

Microbrewery | 1 Industrial Way Ste 12, Portland, ME 04103

One of Portland's most popular destinations for craft beer fans has developed out of an abandoned barn in South Portland. Their Flume series beers are the highlight of any visit.

Belleflower Brewing Company

66 Cove Street Portland, ME 04101

The East End's Belleflower Brewing Company, a small-batch brewer, is making a reputation for itself around Casco Bay. The team had previous brewing experience at big name breweries around New England and is now located amongst other artisans and like-minded folks, pour draft beers by the dozens.

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company

Microbrewery | 4 Thompsons Pt Ste 108, Portland, ME 04102 | (207) 423-3622

Brewery Extrava

Taproom | 66 Cove St, Portland, ME 04101 | (207) 956-7583

Bunker Brewing Company

Microbrewery | 17 Westfield Street, Portland, ME 04102 | (207) 450-5014

Bunker Brewing's ancient brick garage is a great location for their brewery. Townes, a Cognac Imperial Stout in a 500ml bottle, is the most intriguing beer on the list of things to try (10 percent ABV). A one-percentage point advantage in the abv race puts Townes ahead of his sister, Trashmaster. To find out what food trucks are serving up at this Libbytown brewery, check out Bunker's social media.

D.L. Geary Brewing Company

Microbrewery | 38 Evergreen Dr, Portland, ME 04103 | (207) 878-2337

Geary's Brewing holds an amazingly low-numbered license from the Federal board. This means they've been in business for a long, long time. 8 rotating taps, bottle pours, and a series of heritage beers make this Portland brewery pop.

Definitive Brewing Company

Microbrewery | 35 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103 | (207) 536-1288

Dirigo Brewing Company

Dirigo brews small batch craft beers that resonate with the people. Focusing on lagers, Dirigo rolls out several brews in a traditional European style. Their historic mill building lends an excellent ambiance to the taproom, not to mention the waterfall. And, if you're into live music, you're in luck, as Dirigo has plenty on Saturdays.

Foundation Brewing Company

Microbrewery | 1 Industrial Way Ste 5, Portland, ME 04103 | (207) 370-8187

Goodfire Brewing Company

Microbrewery | 219 Anderson Street, Portland, ME 04101 | (207) 808-8910

Gritty McDuffs (Portland)

Brewpub | 396 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101 | (207) 772-2739

There has been a Gritty McDuffs in existence since the days of old. Found in Portland's Old Port, Gritty's is a brick bunker of fine beer. It's a place you'll probably end up on a brewery tour of the city, which is excellent if you need a sandwich to tide you over.

Kit NA Brewing Company

Portland's first and only non-alcoholic brewery. Kit NA Brewing is about to release their first set of core beers to the public.

Liquid Riot Bottling Company

Brewpub | 250 Commercial Street, Portland, ME 04101 | (207) 221-8889

Lone Pine Brewing Company

Microbrewery | 219 Anderson St, Portland, ME 04101 | (207) 536-4952

Oxbow Brewing Company (Portland)

Microbrewery | 49 Washington Avenue, Portland, ME 04101 | (207) 350-0025

Art, music, yoga, and food. Plus beer. Oxbow Blending & Bottling sits at the Eastern Prom and execellently packages up their aged, mixed culture, and farmhouse ales.

Peak Organic Brewing Company

Nanobrewery | 110 Marginal Way, Portland, ME 04101 | (207) 586-5586

Beers from Peak Organic are made using only the best ingredients available.
How can you make sure that your components are safe for consumption?
You start an organic farm of your own.

Rising Tide Brewing Company

Microbrewery | 103 Fox Street, Portland, ME 04101 | (207) 370-2337

Beers on Fox Street for the win! Rising Tide Brewing makes a bunch of really tasty IPAs that we wish we were drinking right this very moment.

Shipyard Brewing Company

Brewery | 86 Newbury St, Portland, ME 04101 | (207) 761-0807

Federal Jack's began as a small microbrewery in Kennebunkport, Maine, and has now evolved into one of the region's major microbreweries. Shipyard has now grown to include Sea Dog and Casco Bay Brewing. Shipyard's Export Ale is an excellent beer to sip while relaxing on a pier and appreciating the scenery of Peaks Island out across the water.

Sebago Brewing Company - Portland

Brewpub | 211 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101 | (207) 775-2337

A brewing company named after the very large lake just to the West of the city, Sebago Brewing in Portland is just one of their many small brewpubs around the state. Good beer and decent pub grub make SBC a great brewery to visit in Portland.

Dirigo Brewing Company Entertainment & Events

If you're into live music, you're in luck, as Dirigo has plenty on Saturdays.