Taproom in Harrison, ME

Fluvial Brewing

860 Maple Ridge Road, Harrison, ME 04040
(207) 779-5588

A small batch nanobrewery that boasts of great beer and great views.

A 20 minute ride due North of Sebago Lake is Fluvial Brewing, in the bustling metropolis of Harrison, ME. Fluvial's closest neighbor, other than the flora and fauna out back, is Maple Springs Farm. And when you're a craft beer nanobrewery with a farm for a neighbor, you're doing things right. Or at the least, on-brand.

Best of lucks to the folks running Fluvial Brewing, sounds awesome over there.

Breweries near Fluvial Brewing in Harrison, ME

Fluvial Brewing Beer

Serving up Growlers to go.

  • Maple Ridge Pale Ale
  • River Haze
  • Tropic Dancer

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