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Beerworks Brewing Company (Boston/Fenway)

Fenway Park's longest tenured brewpub and tap room.

61 Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

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Boston Beer Works - a Kenmore Square and Fenway Park mainstay.
Fans of craft beer! Or, pub nachos we suppose.

Beerworks Brewing Company (Boston/Fenway) FAQs

Does Beerworks Brewing Company (Boston/Fenway) serve food? Yes

Is Beerworks Brewing Company (Boston/Fenway) kid friendly? Kids are allowed

Is Beerworks Brewing Company (Boston/Fenway) dog friendly? No dogs allowed

If you've been to a Red Sox game, you've (probably?) pregamed a few cold pints at Boston Beer Works across the street. Further, it's a must-stop if you're rolling on a Boston brewery tour.

Team FMaB hit up Boston Beer Works before heading over to the Bullpen Kitchen & Tap on Night 1 of Pearl Jam's 2018 Away Shows at Fenway Park. Boston Beer Works has been a cornerstone of the Fenway neighborhood for over a quarter of a century. So, it's experienced a few cycles of local craft beer interest. If you're thinking of going to a Sox game, get to Beer Works early.

The original brewery is just outside of Kenmore Square, next to Fenway Park and Yawkey Station. The Fenway Park brewpub opened in 1992, celebrating their 25th anniversary last year. In fan terms, they were around for a decade before the Sox brought the first baseball championship to Boston in 86 years. Needless to say, BWX gets major points for its location.

Is there anything more important to baseball in the United States than the beer-slinging bars that surround our baseball stadiums?

Beerworks Brewing Company (Boston/Fenway) Beerworks Locations

Are/were the Salem beer works, Framingham beer works, and Lowell beer works really a Boston beer works? We aren't sure.

Breweries near Boston Beer Works near Fenway Park

Is the brewpub kid friendly?

Yes, it is. Beer Works is a fully functioning restaurant that is kid friendly. So if you're bringing the little ones to meet Wally, stop on by.

What types of beer does Beer Works brew?

All types. Lagers. Ales. Beer for the masses! BWX offers ampler racks, Spring racks, Cask Beers, and more for flights. They have a large variety of beer, so you should be able to put together a satisfying selection of 4oz samples.

A finished Boston Beer Works Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale
What's left of a Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale ... Blueberries optional!

From the regular, pilsners and red ales, to the named, Fenway Pale Ale, to the slightly different, Watermelon Ale, Beerworks Brewing Co makes some interesting beers. In some ways, this Fenway joint is just a sports bar. In others, it's a brewpub that shines amongst a row of standard city bars. No chance the Cask 'N' Flagon rolls out their own oatmeal stout or cookie stout.

They also serve Pilot Brews and Limited Editions. You know, beyond the ol' Boston Red and Contender IPA. Beerworks is not shy about addressing its hometown, including Boston Garden Golden, Brookline Weizenbock, Lansdowne Lager, Paul Revere Rye, and the Yawkey Way Wheat.

Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale

The Bunker Hill Blueberry is the perfect pregame beverage for a night at Fenway. With fresh blueberries and a respectable, but not daunting, ABV, the fruit beer, or a few of them, will leave you feeling warm up in the nosebleeds until Sweet Caroline gets played without feeling like you forget what happened in innings 4, 5, and 6.

The pale golden ale tastes like a breakfast muffin on mute. The flavor is dials itself in between Wachusett Blueberry and Sea Dog's Wild Blueberry Wheat. Once again, better to quaff a few of these craft blueberry beers at the Fenway Beerworks than shell out a crisp Ulysses Grant to John Henry and the Sox ownership group for 3 Bud Lights.

Does they serve other types of alcohol?

They'd be a losing venture if they didn't. Imagine serving just beer to future Fenway patrons? That's almost criminal. How else will the Pink Hats get their shots of Fireball?


Do they have a mug club?

Didn't notice one. Then again, it was a 2018 Pearl Jam Away Show (Night #1). The place was so packed that we didn't take the time to ask.

How about merch?

I've seen shirts around, so yeah, they must sell some merch.

Does Beer Works serve food?

A full menu's worth of food. The original Boston Beer Works is a brewpub, equal parts microbrewery and Fenway restaurant. From the sour cream and chive fries to the spring rolls, this BWX does it different than a lot of city brew pubs. They offer appetizers, entrees, and everything in between.

And, how can anyone pass up any joint that offers fried pickles as an appetizer?

Do they offer entertainment?

It's possible that they do. Check in with them. Then again, isn't people watching 82 nights a year all the entertainment you need?

Can I buy Beer Works beers in stores?

I have never seen it in stores.

Final Thoughts on Boston Beer Works

Is it great beer? Maybe. Is it great beer near Fenway Park? For sure. Otherwise, you can catch a dozen bud lights to the gullet at whatever Copperfield's is now.

Boston Beer Works Beer Taps
Line forms to the left on Game/Concert days.

Perfect for Sox games, warm summer days, and just about anytime you are passing through Kenmore Square and don't want to slug down Bud Lights, especially now since The Lower Depths closed.